Happy Monday…or Not

Ahhhh, Monday.  If it’s one thing I can always count on, it’s your inexplicable ability to create havoc in the minds and hearts of everyone you encounter.  Your illustrious antics might start first thing in the morning before the caffeine has even kicked in or you might just slap someone right in the face in the late afternoon just when they think they have cleared your Mondayish hurdles. But the point is…You. Never. Disappoint.





5 thoughts on “Happy Monday…or Not

  1. I cannot run away, but I feel exactly the same about bad winter Mondays. We were buried in huge piles of snow as we woke up this Monday. In addition to everything else. Monday isn’t that friendly always.

  2. I never used to hate Mondays, mainly because it was 100% chaos, 24/7/365. Mondays are only a pain in the ass when they’re vastly different from non-Mondays, i.e., the weekend. Now that I have something resembling a pale imitation of a “life” I can see why Mondays suck.

    I hear Aruba’s nice, but let’s go to Prague instead. I know a fantastic little diner on Karlova about halfway between the Charles Bridge and the Astronomical Clock…

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