Sunday Blues

Even though tomorrow is a holiday, Sunday still sucks.

Ahhh…President’s Day, a holiday honoring the respected leaders of our fine country – originally dedicated to George Washington and in recent years, including Abraham Lincoln as well – has devolved into massive sales at the car dealer and department stores if the commercials are any indication. Nothing says “respect” and “honor” like 50% off a flat screen t.v. or 2% interest on a 300 year loan for a new all bells and whistles included four-door. Unless you’re employed by a bank, the feds, or schools, you still go to work…so no fun there. And as far as I know, no-one is going to suddenly be inspired to fill my wallet with spendable paper images of those bygone leaders either. It’s just not one of those Monday holidays that can justify a wicked hangover and blank spaces that force you to inquire of every friend you meet throughout the day: “hey, did we see each other last night? what the hell was I doing? no, seriously, WHAT was I doing, and more importantly WHERE? I can’t find my shoes!”

So, yeah. Laundry it is…


11 thoughts on “Sunday Blues

  1. Lately I have been terrible about laundry. I know the longer it sits in the basket, the more ironing I will have to do. So I spread it out over my bed, and now the cat is sleeping on all of it. Brilliant!

  2. Wish I was off tomorrow not to go shopping, but rather to catch up on chores like LAUNDRY. Today my husband and I were talking about how appreciative we are regarding having a washer and dryer. We imagined how tough and frustrating it would be to wash and hang out laundry to dry … In Texas with the heat, humidity and pollen. Yuck!

    On the bright side of working tomorrow, at lease traffic in my over crowded city will be good on the drive in because so many are off … Spending their Ben Franklins and Andrew Jacksons!

    • I’m very thankful to have a washer and dryer rather than having to use a communal one in an apartment complex or laundromat. And I remember my mom using a clothesline and I don’t envy her THAT experience one bit. Love the smell of the clothes and sheets coming off of it, but in winter, it’s incredibly harsh on the fingers and hands and face being out there hanging them up.

  3. I got my two weeks worth of laundry completed yesterday. I changed my sheets! Yay! I was surprised this post was shorter than your usual! xo I had to work today. 😦

  4. Nothing says “badass” like a couple of baskets of neatly folded fitted sheets! Make sure that all of the underwear is turned right-side-out and the socks rolled up to match, you she-demon, you!!

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