Sunday Evening Confessions

So, another weekend gone and I didn’t go to the gym. That’s like a gazillion weekends in a row now. Had some damn good cheesecake though and learned how to make a London Fog. So all in all, not bad…



click the pic for a London Fog recipe!



17 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Confessions

  1. I cannot believe you left us hanging about that London Fog! I had to Google it and am now going to make it — RIGHT NOW! For the shame of some bloggers! Now go punish yourself by working out. No more London Foggies for you! 😉

  2. OK … I’m back. Just made the London Fog. Boiled water, steeped an Early Grey teabag for 5 minutes, while I heated some whole milk in the microwave after I added a dash of vanilla extract. When the milk was heated, I took a wire whisk and frothed up the milk and added it to the tea. Hubby tried it, liked it and called me fancy.

    Thank you for your inspiration today … Don’t worry about the no exercise thing … I think using a whisk is enough of a work out!

  3. Yeah, that whole “relationship” with the gym thing. Mine is right there along my route to and from work – I wave at it twice a day and send them my $40/month like clockwork. They haven’t complained yet…

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