Respectful Rebuke

Oh, Mother Nature, Mother Nature, you know I have such reverence and admiration for you. You are awe-inspiring and well, simply stated, amazing. But…come on! You had weeks and weeks to send Winter this way and you waited until NOW? A snowstorm? Seriously!? Right in time for Spring?? What the hell!? I’m sorry, with all due respect…this is such bullshit!

4 thoughts on “Respectful Rebuke

  1. yanno, I’d break out a bottle of wine if you were here. I kinda sorta like to think it would help with your coping skills.

  2. I want to live somewhere where the seasons don’t change back and forth in 24 hours. I like my change of seasons to be slow, evolve and finish. Going from 70 degrees to snow is unacceptable. I am going to ask for a full refund.

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