Fine Lines

Sometimes I think to myself that if I were wealthy, like super-wealthy – I mean, otherwise, I’m just spending that cash on travel – I would have plastic surgery to correct a few things that nature, gravity, and age have done to my overall “look.” But then I think, you know what? I worked hard for these wrinkles! Besides, surgery means needles, and who the hell wants that shit?  Botox be damned, I am rocking these wrinkles with pride, folks.


13 thoughts on “Fine Lines

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  2. Deep like the freakin’ Valles Marineris, I’m telling you! And if I were Über-wealthy, that’s where I would be building a home, without wasting a single thin dime on making myself look prettier. (That ship sailed a long time ago – people can deal with it or take a long hike off a short peer!) (And yes, I mean that the way it’s spelled!)(!!)

  3. The nice thing about being bald is that I never really worried about my looks. I figure my sarcastic, charming personality is all that matters.

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