Failed Negotiations

Three of the four major powers came together today to declare a temporary truce. The fourth and strongest of these combatants declared the treaty, however tentative and short-lived, a farce, and refused outright to participate in any peace talks. Despite the cautious optimism raised by this show of solidarity among the three lesser sovereigns, the coalition quickly collapsed, and within hours any hopes for long-term stability were dashed.


11 thoughts on “Failed Negotiations

  1. I’m confused, need a scorecard, but for the moment I’m going to guess YOU were the farce declarer, who (probably incorrectly) believes yourself to be the strongest of the combatants. I’ve been there – you don’t have a prayer.

    • Oh no. See, there’s where you assumed wrong, my friend. The true super power in this house is Shaylee (our feline matriarch), not me. Not me by a long shot. And she was in no way interested in peace talks. In fact, she was on the far other end of the house when the other three broached their alliance.

      • I’m so pathetic, living in my homocentric universe… Thank goodness for the females of the species to keep me on the straight & narrow!

  2. This was so fun, since I am a petless person for the past 10 years. I like visiting my friends who have pets, Jenny has two cats and my friend Karen has a golden retriever. My brother and wife have three dogs. . .
    The feline is not interested in peace. Too bad but glad the trio are in cahoots. πŸ˜‰

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