Karma delayed is still a…well, you know

So. My computer died. Some awesome tech gods are valiantly attempting to piece together the burned-out technology that was my hard drive and salvage the data I so blithely left lying about without a backup. Meanwhile, using my handy-dandy phone, I will leave you all with the below thoughts.

A neighbor child of about 5 years of age, for some reason only known to the Gods that be, has come into possession of a shrill, ear-piercing, toy of destruction known as a whistle. Not just any whistle mind you, but rather a whistle that seeks out an adult person’s last nerve and gleefully wreaks havoc on the few tattered shreds of sanity that remain intact, albeit not intact for long. I suppose this is karma. A bit delayed, but karma nonetheless.

You see, back in the day, oh many, many years ago, I gave my then very young nephew a set of drums for Christmas. When my kids came along, I was thankfully never repaid in kind by my brother. I’m not sure why. Perhaps he forgot,  perhaps, being an experienced parent by that time, he had sympathy, or perhaps the drums never made it to their house after all and thus my attempts at being the mean sister “cool aunt” were all for naught. Whatever the case may be, I don’t recall my son or daughter ever receiving similar noise-makers to test my patience.

Now, after my kids are grown and the only noise coming from our house is the unpredictable, staccato bark of an anxiety-ridden dog protecting our hearth and home from that rogue leaf blowing across the yard, this child…this neighbor child…comes home with an amazing, mind-shatteringly loud whistle. Just in time for nice weather and open windows. It’s a curse. I just know it. Right when I assumed I was home-free, my brother’s been dabbling in voodoo, black magic, or the like.

And all I can say is: well played brother, well played indeed.

19 thoughts on “Karma delayed is still a…well, you know

  1. How old’s the kid? Perhaps in exchange for that boring old whistle (it just makes one note, over and over!) they would be interested in a cool set of fifteen colored Sharpies!

    They’re great for making unique art just about anywhere. For example, on the side of mom & dad’s car. On any convenient baby brothers or sisters. “Tattoos” on the cat or dog! That lovely new white shag carpet that looks just like a giant canvas…

    This is neither a trial nor a tribulation – it is a challenge!

  2. Seek out said child and tell her the fairyt tale about the princess whose face froze in the ugly expression she made while blowing her favorite whistle.

    Sorry to hear about your lost world of data, Wendy. Eegads.

    • My mother used to tell me that all the time — not the whistle part, but the frozen face part. LOL As for the data, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it can be restored. Hope you and the family have been well!

  3. I have considered giving noise makers to the children of people I didn’t care for at the the time.

  4. Damn voodoo ! I have considered giving noise makers to the children of people I didn’t care for at the the time.

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