8 thoughts on “Friday Contemplation

  1. yeh, that lack of funding can be a bit of a pain every now and then. I dunno why I can’t hit the PowerBall. I’m sure the money wouldn’t ruin me.

    • I know, right!? A secret passageway behind the bookcase, an intricate tunnel system running throughout the house for the cats, a slide instead of stairs — a house that would have stairs if I didn’t have a slide…all the good stuff is on hold until I come into some bucks!

    • Wow, that is very deep and very true. 😀 I still hope though — even though the odds are against it, I have just as much chance winning the powerball as anyone else. Although, you know, it would help if I purchased a ticket. Yeah, that might be what’s holding me back now that I think of it.

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