Are Mondays Really Necessary?

I won’t beat around the bush — I hate Mondays. I think we should all just rise up and simply refuse to acknowledge the day. But until that time comes to pass, I have only two stages of what I call “dealing with Monday.” My soulmate, Mr. Bean, understands that very well and shares my ummm…concerns, yes, concerns, over the day.

Stage One is disbelief verging on anger — which is where I am currently.



Stage Two is acceptance which will hit me tomorrow morning as I slide into work.



So, yeah. Mondays. They suck.



6 thoughts on “Are Mondays Really Necessary?

  1. You know Tuesday is Monday’s ugly sister right? I just had one of the worst Tuesdays on record. All related to the personality characters of coworkers. Why can’t we all just get along?!

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