Flower Power

I absolutely love flowers. They make me smile. Although all types of flowers are lovely in their own way, daisies are my favorite. Daisies and Sunflowers. They’re such happy flowers. Petal-covered joy if you ask me. My local grocery store at one time had a small-ish floral section. They’ve since remodeled portions of the store, however, and ever since, the floral department has expanded. Unfortunately, their prices expanded as well. Regardless, I still enjoy the walk through this brief flowery moment of bliss as I meander through my shopping list.

Needless to say, my heart was broken as I made my way to the cereal aisle last night and came across this sad sight: bunches of beautiful flowers squashed into a metal cart – presumably awaiting an errant employee to put them on display. Poor things.

I’m not sure what this sadness over the condition of random bouquets says about me. Nature Lover? Anthophile? Psychotic? TomAYto – TomAHto I suppose.

5 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. Wow — I love the haphazard way the flowers are stacked atop one another. It’s so nice when people take such pride in their work. 😕

  2. I agree. That makes me feel terrible. I buy flowers all the time. Helps get me through all the gray and rainy days we have. I buy carnations because they are beautiful and because they LAST for two weeks and have ruffled edges:) I have pink ones right now and just took pictures of them. 🙂

    • I love having flowers in the house. They bring a sense of joy and happiness I think. They make me smile just by existing. Of course the cats enjoy them too which leaves a mess sometimes, but oh well. Can’t have everything I suppose.

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