Little Things Mean the Most

It’s Friday, people. We made it! Enjoy! It got here just in time, too…no assault charges, no bail money needed, no blood to clean out of my sneakers. Friday is a superhero — came swooping in to save the day at just the right moment.


11 thoughts on “Little Things Mean the Most

    • Now that sounds like fun! There is a music festival near here I wanted to go today, but then it has rained all day — so stayed home and did chores instead. Tomorrow is another day though and will use it to get into something…

      • Yes, hope you find something to get into! So glad you thought my activities sounded like fun.
        Maybe you will make the second day of the music festival. I’m up late babysitting grandies. Three are asleep but 11 and 12 year old don’t appear tired one bit! 🙂

      • I love going to art festivals, we have one here in October. Probably not as nice as the one you have there. I like festivals and fairs in general — they’re usually fun and the food is often yummy. Enjoy your grand-babies! 😀

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