Morning Cup of Something

My coffee pot died a few months ago. We had a funeral and everything. It was very sad. I loved that coffee pot like it was my own child.  To add insult to injury, I haven’t had the chance lately to visit the store in search of a few staples (half & half, sugar, a new coffee pot, blah blah blah) AND there was no time this morning to hit the McDonald’s for a fresh (semi-fresh?) cup of joe. It’s the one thing I miss about the very early way too early schedule during the school year. I could swing by the local golden arches and get my coffee before starting work. But not today. So, everything in my coffee this morning, including the sweetener, comes from a tin. Blech.

At least the cup is cool.



11 thoughts on “Morning Cup of Something

  1. a souvenir from your last incarceration … errrrrr … I mean … your ride along with the friendly guys in blue???

  2. I’m trying to break a morning coffee habit of relatively new standing and finding it hard. Only started last fall when I was required to reduce my thyroid supplement. The extra caffeine helped get through the energy crash. Now I don’t need that boost, but have a habit. Oof.
    Please know that I read and enjoy all your posts, even though I don’t like or comment very often. Especially not now while my husband is using my phone because his went the way of your coffee pot.

  3. Since I obtained my own espresso machine, I haven’t been able to enjoy coffee any other way. I can’t imagine starting the day without a (New Zealand style) Flat White!

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