Not Married, But Attached

I know I’ve written many times before about the weird and wild world of online dating. I’ve written about the “stranger danger” Spidey sense that hits when you decide to meet a stranger in person for the first time. I’ve written about the unflattering photos of men way past their prime flaunting their topless torsos when they really shouldn’t be (in fact, no one should be). I thought I’d seen everything. I thought there was nothing else shocking left. Oh, how utterly naïve of me. The Internet has come through, yet again, and shown me that just when I think I’ve seen it all, there’s another new whacked-out layer to discover.

We all pretty much know the basics of how online dating works, right? You write some things about yourself. You post some of your best pictures. You scroll through other people’s profiles. You swap emails. If you find someone you get along with, you meet and see where it goes from there. Pretty simple.

Recently, I was going through the motions. I was scrolling through the available men out there. I saw a man who seemed to be not a serial killer and decided to check him out. His profile was pretty normal (which is not the case a shockingly high number of times), so I move to the pictures. Picture #1, fine. Picture #2, fine. Then I get to picture #3. It’s a photo of him, at his wedding, feeding cake to his bride. There are plenty of couples who have profiles looking for a third person to add to the relationship. It’s not really for me – I don’t play well with others — but I have no problem with that. To each their own, I say. Every relationship is different. I just didn’t remember reading anything in this guy’s profile saying he and his wife were looking for someone.

So, I read his profile again.

It becomes very clear to me after another read-through that this guy is NOT married. At all. He is definitely single, as in divorced. The woman in that picture is his ex-wife. That’s when the bizarreness hit a whole new level. He actually posted a picture from his wedding—probably the happiest day of his life at that point—to a DATING SITE! I know it’s good to provide pictures showing that you know how to have fun, and yes, it sure looks like he’s having a friggin’ blast, but why in the world did he think it was a good idea to use a friggin’ wedding photo to attract other women??? Is it to prove his lack of a fear of commitment? To show he cleans up well in a tux? I almost messaged him just to ask if he could guide me through his thought process when he was choosing pictures to use…I mean, I’m really curious.

Maybe, just maybe, in his warped perception of determining what women want, he thinks that by showing that he has the ability to commit and look good in a tux, he’ll seem more desirable. If that’s the case he is sorely mistaken. All it shows me is that he is clearly still attached to his ex. Or, has no sense. Either way, it’s a no go.

I didn’t think this was something I would ever have to advise, but as a general rule of online dating, whether male or female, I don’t care how great the lighting was or how flattering the pose, DON’T use pictures from a time you legally bound your life to another person. Guess what…it’s a turn off.  I can’t be alone in this way of thinking, right?

26 thoughts on “Not Married, But Attached

  1. I’m gonna go with the “Hey, at least one other woman on the planet once found me non-repugnant enough to let me get this close to her – so that makes me much better than all of the other guys who have profiles on this site!” theory.

    Glad to see that you’re holding out for better.

    • I guess, if we’re being nice about it (which I’m not usually, LOL), it probably just shows they need to get out more and take more photos because they simply don’t have any. But still, take a selfie or something…right? 😀

  2. Are you serious??Pictures of is wedding day on a dating site???What was he thinking and why didn’t anyone else check him on that?? It is stuff like that which makes me thrilled to have found my one and only and that neither of us did anything weird like that ….wow !!!
    Anyway keep looking you did the right thing by not going there !!!!

  3. I think you are over-thinking it. it’s simply to show all you unattached southern belles just how much he likes cake. yeh. that’s what I’m gonna go with.

    I’d post a pic of me topless with my 6 pack abs but I forgot where I left them; so the only 6 pack I have right now is some Miller Lite. wanna share? I can dazzle you with my talent for falling down.

  4. While I have never been to a dating sight personally, I find the idea of wanting to date someone who has a picture of himself feeding wedding cake to his ex-wife totally bizarre. Wow.Ding, ding, ding. Danger.

  5. I really can’t think of an odder photo, unless it’s of someone helping his ex give birth to their child. Very strange, but then again, online dating would seem to be the mecca of strange.

  6. I know this is strange but I kind of sympathize with people who are clueless. Much, much better than the over confident, too suave guys!! I may have met him for coffee and listened to his mind and feelings. 🙂

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