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There’s not many things that will make me shout out “Hallelujah!” but it did recently happen. Care to guess why? Was it because I nearly avoided being involved in a terrible car accident with my one and only daughter in the vehicle with me? Did a friend called me with news of their cancer going into full remission (I wish!)? Was Publisher’s Clearinghouse outside my front door one morning with a big check? No such luck.

Sadly, none of these are the reasons for my exclamation. In those examples, I think a word like “Hallelujah” is pretty appropriate. There’s no shame in admitting that. Unfortunately, the real reason might not be quite as noble. So enough with the suspense. You want to know what happened? Here you go…

A show I really like just released a new season on Netflix.

Wait, wait. Before you judge my use of religious superlatives you have to understand. I’d been waiting SO LONG to catch up on the latest episodes and re-watch some others.

Something tells me most of you understand that feeling; the jubilation that you can finally see how that cliffhanger turned out. The wait between seasons is becoming more and more common and as much as I enjoy the higher quality television we’re getting, I am not a fan of the wait.

It used to be such a simple formula. Shows began their seasons in September. There’d be a good couple months of new episodes, then some repeats, then another stretch of new shows up until the big season finale in May. We all have our summer vacations where we spend time outside and away from the TV. In August, the commercials whetting our appetite would start again, then in September the cycle would start over again.

Not anymore. This new “Golden Age of TV” is like the wild west. There are no rules. No promises of when we’ll see these characters again. There’s not even a guarantee that they’ll be back on the same station. It’s all up in the air now making some of the wait times far, far too long.

I only need to bring up Game of Thrones and any devoted watchers are sure to understand my frustrations. But if you’re not into GoT that doesn’t mean you’re immune. Walking Dead anyone? Season 2 of Jessica Jones? Peaky Blinders? Don’t even get me started on Sherlock. Always Sunny in Philadelphia just ended their latest season in March and won’t be back until 2019! Heck, there’s a comedy on TBS, Nobodies, that just finished their first season. I repeat, their first season. At the end of the finale they had the audacity to put up on the screen “We will return in 2018.” 2018!? What the hell? I sort of understand when you have shows with high production values and intricate set pieces, but this show is literally just about three writers sitting around their office getting into awkward situations. There are no CGI dinosaurs to create. No monster make-up to apply head to toe. How can it take so long for them to give us another season? If a tiny show like that can take more than half a year to give us new material, what hope do we have of quickly made Westworlds or Fargos or, be still my heart, Taboos?

Like I said previously, I’m loving what TV studios are putting out there for us now. Trust me, I don’t want to go back to the days of choosing between King of Queens and Malcolm in the Middle (blech).  But a person can only be expected to be so patient and I’ve been finding that patience tested on a regular basis when I get invested in a new show. All I have to say is thank god for books and Netflix. If I didn’t have them I don’t know how I’d get through.

9 thoughts on “Waiting Game

  1. I feel your pain. I’m currently hooked on Sense 8 and waiting for more is killing me.

  2. My beef with the “Golden Age” of television is that there’s too much of it and too little of me. GoT is starting Season Seven and I’ve been stuck in the middle of Season Five since Christmas because the of the freakin’ real world! The only thing I’ve seen in full in the past year is “American Gods” (in all of it’s warped, bizarre, outrageous, irreverent, and spectacular glory) and even then two of the seven episodes I was only getting to watch crammed in at the last second because the next episode was showing in an hour. The universe needs to get its priorities straight and I need to be entertained!

    I’m glad your show is being picked up – which show?

    • I watched a few American Gods and then didn’t finish it, I need to. I have it saved in the DVR. Preacher has also returned which I need to catch up on (what an excellent, but brutal show). As for Netflix, they added the final season of Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries and Midsomer Murders. Unfortunately, Miss Fisher won’t be returning for a 4th season (though I — and many other fans — am hoping for at least a movie to come out).

  3. I already am heading over to my daughter and son in law’s house to watch Game of Thrones next Sunday. It took me a year to borrow the other six seasons from the library.
    I binged at my girlfriend’s house almost all of Rectified! We did it in two days. I never saw the last episode. Strange but true.

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