Jumping the Chocolate Loaded Gun

Okay, now I know it’s in the retailer’s best interest to get a jump on the competition, and as for the holidays, well, stores are getting an earlier and earlier start every year on when they put out their seasonal displays, that’s true. But come on people! This is getting freakin’ ridiculous!


So, yeah, this is the seasonal display at my local grocery store.


Trick or Treat anyone? Who cares if it’s 110 degrees out? Or I don’t know, that it’s July!?


I thought it was supposed to be “Christmas in July?” Not this “Halloween in July” bullshit.




15 thoughts on “Jumping the Chocolate Loaded Gun

      • I heard Christmas carols on the radio last weekend. It is was a Christmas in July kind of thing.

        • Now see, THAT makes sense. It’s always been a thing. Hallmark does a special on their channel with romantic Christmas movies all month and nonprofits do fundraising around it for homeless shelters, animal shelters, etc. But people know it’s not really meant to be true Christmas shopping. Not this Halloween stuff I saw. But hey, it didn’t stop me from buying the candy (and eating it). Or from going back to buy more. πŸ˜€ So I guess their evil marketing plan worked. LOL

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