Under the Big Top…or Not

I don’t think my mother gets nearly enough credit for her superhero powers of persuasion. She’s like Kayla Silverfox (aka Silver Fox) from X-Men (Wolverine – Origins) with a southern accent. I mean, to hear her tell it, she – my mother that is, not Silver Fox — single-handedly kept my father from selling my brother and me to the travelling circus for years…years, people! And apparently my father listened to her (I mean, here I am after all, with no trapeze skills or fire-breathing expertise to speak of, sooo…).  He could’ve made a pretty penny too, or so I was told growing up. A. Pretty. Penny.

9 thoughts on “Under the Big Top…or Not

  1. I suspect most small children sold for a pretty penny didn’t go immediately into fire-breathing or trapeze work. How are you with a shovel and a broom? Those stalls aren’t going to muck themselves!

  2. you would have been initially tasked to carry a shovel and be following the elephants and then you would move up picking up trash at the end of the day. your goal would be to live the ultimate circus dream of having a booth and either guessing someone’s weight or giving away kewpie dolls if they knock down so many milt bottles with 3 balls.

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