Everyone Loves a Parade

I would have thought that by the time I had reached the age I am now, I would be able to walk through my own house without much fanfare, and certainly without chaperones. But apparently, I was wrong. Sometimes I feel as though I need a parade leader’s scepter…you know, something befitting the pomp and circumstance that is the journey to my refrigerator, or bathroom, or laundry room, or anywhere since I can’t seem to move without an entourage.





5 thoughts on “Everyone Loves a Parade

  1. What edible object were you carrying? What edible object were you thinking about possibly carrying? What edible object existed in this space-time continuum which you could conceivably have been carrying and weren’t, thus denying the possibility of giving it to one of these adorable begging faces, you monster?

  2. I have the same problem, except I have three little ladies that will follow me around. Unless it’s been a tiring day then I just get the pup who really does have to make sure I don’t just suddenly disappear from the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. They at least try to stay out from under my feet….although I don’t go a day without someone yelping.

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