Of course, the talk of the town this week was the solar eclipse. Unfortunately, in my neck of the woods just 80% of the eclipse was visible and sadly, an excursion for better viewing was impossible. However, my daughter and I did catch a glimpse of the 80% and it was cool if not spectacular…a completely different experience than what I witnessed on live cams across the country where 100% of the event was visible. Our world is an amazing place and marvels like this are humbling to witness – a reminder of just how small we are in the universe. Since I couldn’t see the full eclipse in my own area, I will be living vicariously through my friend over at We Love the Stars Too Fondly as he posts photos and observations this week from his vacation purely scientific road trip.

We Love The Stars Too Fondly

Much more, of course, after I get home and have a chance to download the pictures from the DSLRs and the video from four different cameras. But for now, let’s say that it was an exciting and wonderful day with a fair amount of adrenaline expended.

We woke up to clouds.

By the time we hit the road, there were thunderheads starting to build.

We were heading to NE Kansas (the Sabetha area) or SE Nebraska (Humboldt or Pawnee City).

By the time we got to St. Joseph, it was raining. At times raining hard. Once out of St. Joseph and across the river into Kansas, we saw a bit of a rainbow. The good news is that a rainbow is a hopeful sign? The bad news is that in practical terms, you only get rainbows with rain, which means clouds.

We stopped in Hiawatha, Kansas to look at the…

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  1. Vancouver didn’t really see much more than what looked like a lunar eclipse but it was fun nevertheless, with the temperature drop and sudden darkness 🙂

  2. Thanks for the reblog! I guess now I should shoehorn in some time to actually download the rest of the pictures and the video, before the next one comes along in 2024.

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