My Introvert Life – Log Entry 52671

Stardate 20172408 – Time: Too Late to Think About Leaving the House Tomorrow

A dear friend asks if I want to go to a yoga class tomorrow where they heat the room to 100 degrees so you “sweat it out” as you meditate on life.  Supposed to be good for the soul.

My answer? Namaste…from my couch where I’ll be watching Netflix and eating crackers.

13 thoughts on “My Introvert Life – Log Entry 52671

  1. You’re my shero. A woman who knows how to live. I just had my daily Dove bar and it was delicious especially after the onion rings and pizza Deb and I had for lunch. Oh, Yeah!

  2. Having been asked (sometimes politely, sometimes not) on several occasions to LEAVE a yoga session since I apparently “cannot keep my fat mouth closed and my idiotic comments to myself” (for the record, nor can I “stop making those noises!”), I can only imagine the joys of doing yoga in a sauna. Maybe I’ll hose myself down and go outside in the 115° heat tomorrow and give it a try!

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