When Superpowers Fall Flat

Have you ever wanted a  superpower?  Of course you have…it’s just a matter of which one. While more of a supernatural power than superpower,  I always thought it would be awesome to have the freezing and blowing-things-up abilities that Piper from “Charmed” had. Her power centered around being able to control molecular motion — she could slow it down to freeze things (and people) and speed it up which resulted in the thing or person exploding. I’m not sure I’d be nearly as ethical as Ms. Halliwell though, in the use of such powers. So perhaps it’s for the best that I’m just ordinary.

But I got to thinking of other powers, and the pros and cons of each. You know, I’m not sure all superpowers are all they’re cracked up to be. After watching “Jumper,” I realized that teleporting would be a particularly cool skill to have. Think of the places you could see, the travelling you could do, the banks you could rob…umm, I mean, the travelling you could do!

Although, knowing me…it wouldn’t help my social calendar at all.

being late

8 thoughts on “When Superpowers Fall Flat

  1. Punctuality might be overrated, although that Brad Paisley song still pisses me off – not a superpower, she was just being rude & manipulative.

    For a superpower I would love to be able to curse people with the karma they deserve. (Heavy shades of Catholic, rule-following self righteousness – here’s my surprised face!) Hey, dude who just swung over into the bicycle lane for a block & blew through the red light at 60 mph in the school zone – sucks how all four tires simultaneously blew out for no apparent reason!

  2. let me know when you teleport to rob a bank. someone has to watch for those bundles of fake money with that purple dye that explodes all over the place and makes one helluva mess.

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