Eye of the Beholder

We live in an age where people list their occupation as “Television Personality.” This means that they appear on television, and that gives them a marketable personality. Think “Kardashians.” No, please, don’t think Kardashians. God knows they get enough press. We have become a Reality TV culture. We watch relatively unknown people, waiting to see what wild and crazy thing they do next and by so doing, make them famous. This brings me to young Farrah Abraham and an article I just read about her.

Eight years ago, Ms. Abraham was a pregnant 16 year-old living with her parents in Council Bluffs, Iowa. MTV announced that they were going to do a program called 16 and Pregnant. Farrah, apparently realizing that she filled the requirement, applied to appear on the show. She was cast and appeared on the second episode. Her baby was born, and, quite fortuitously, MTV announced the premier of a new show, Teen Mom. Farrah was again cast to appear. A Television Personality was born.

Teen Mom was followed by a stint at cooking school and the release of a cookbook. In 2012, she released a studio album AND an autobiography, both called “My Teenage Dream Ended.” This was followed by an appearance on “Couples Therapy.” Of course, her burgeoning fame led to starring in adult movies, you know, as it does. Still, I guess Television Personality sounds better than Porn Star on the resume. Farrah landed a $500,000 contract to appear as a regular at a “Gentleman’s Club” in Texas. Celebrity Big Brother came along in 2015. Farrah was then just 24 years old. After she was “evicted” from the Big Brother house, she looked for the next project.

In so doing, I suppose she felt she must somehow perfect herself. She was already quite lovely. However, some folks think that multiple plastic surgeries will make them more attractive, happier, …and more marketable. It’s sad, really.

Abraham underwent three breast augmentations, a rhinoplasty, chin implant, and lip injections.  Then, she decided that maybe it was time to remodel, as she calls them, her “lady parts.”  She just recently announced that she’d undergone a “vaginal rejuvenation” procedure.  That is the not-so-discreet subject matter of the article I read.

In an interview, she said this about the procedure: “Like you’re 16 again!”  I find that odd in and of itself. It’s not as if she’s 80 to begin with… she’s only 26 for Pete’s sake. Not to mention, I have absolutely no idea why someone would want to announce to the world that they’re even having this kind of procedure, let alone document the whole thing on Instagram and discuss it at length in interviews. But there you go. That’s the world we live in today.

Apparently, this procedure is becoming more and more popular. Who knew?  Ms. Abraham said that she did it so that she would be more attractive and to “heighten feelings of intimacy.” What!? I won’t even get into the fact that science debunks the claim this surgery enhances sensitivity. However, I will say that if she rationalizes her attractiveness and worth on her nether regions, I just find that overwhelmingly depressing.

Now, I’m big on “live and let live” so long as whatever you’re doing isn’t somehow infringing on someone else in some way. But this issue, it just boggles my mind and it saddens me to see us, as a society, going in this direction. I’m reminded of the Twilight Zone episode “Eye of the Beholder,” but in a much more intimate setting.

I know women have altered their appearance since the dawn of time, but we’re not talking tattoos or hair color here or even breast implants. This type of surgery, with all of the inherent risks that go with it, is a permanent alteration to your innermost person for no other reason than to look good during sex (or simulations thereof). That’s it. That’s the purpose.

It’s so very disheartening to see women feel the need to go under the knife just to be more accepted, more attractive to others (key word, others), to further their career, to become… more.

Quite frankly, it also seems to run against her claim that she is a “model for all teen moms.”  Having plastic surgery on your vagina at 24 years of age shouldn’t in the remotest be seen as a goal for young women. Well, unless you want to be a Television Personality, I guess.

11 thoughts on “Eye of the Beholder

  1. We used to offer cautionary tales such as “The Portrait of Dorian Gray” or “Phantom of the Paradise” to teach that selling your soul was a BAD thing. Now doing so seems to be the goal.

  2. I sort of touched on the topic of plastic surgery in the vaginal area 6 months ago when I came across a documentary on it ( https://wordpress.com/post/cheshireanthropology.wordpress.com/2460 ).
    I am one of the few people who absolutely hates reality television. I am slowly not being able to watch shows where they’re trying to prove or discover something…American Ripper is a grand example of what I mean. Another was one that was done about OJ Simpson and I think one was done recently about JFK/Lee H Oswald. I thought them fun at first but the more I watch that type, the more the whole thing annoys me. Just how the people who are trying to do something talk. If you watch them all or a few of that type, you’ll probably understand what I mean. Or not. 🙂

  3. It is good to let others know how someone got to that place. So we can keep our own children away from those steps in her life that led her there. Sadly, many may be fascinated by this subject. . .

  4. It’ s really bad and sad somebody and actually lots of them are going this direction. I find reality TV an absolute waste of time, dumb, annoying. I’ve never watched anything, but I have seen it for a few minutes as I switch channels. I suppose it’s intended so that you watch it and can feel relieved “Thanks, God, I’m not so stupid, uneducated and vulgar.” Well, I am having a blast in Latvia, Europe, during my trip. I have gotten a vacation from all news and nobody is really into any reality TV in my family or circle of friends. It feels so good not to hear it, not to see it and have nobody talk about that. Most people here have no idea about TV personalities over there in the States, except some youth. This is sooooo refreshing. They talk a lot about living their life in a natural way, healing using nature and having mental freedom, etc. This is music to my ears.
    Well, soon going back. I think I will have my TV turned off. Because it is annoying and frustrating to be bothered by it to a degree American and Canadian people are.

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