Happiness is Fuel for Life

After leaving my parents’ house the other day, I figured I ought to stop for gas so that I didn’t run out right at the top of the bridge I have to cross to get home. I mean, I’ve seen that happen to other people and it does not look fun. Being low on funds, however, I only had so much money in the bank to use for this annoying purchase (I hate pumping gas, I hate paying for gas, I hate everything about the transaction). At the same time, every single pump at the gas station had these huge notes on them: SUPREME ONLY. Of course, right? Why did I think this exercise would be easy. As it turns out, supreme gas is much more expensive than the bottom of the barrel fuel my car is used to getting from me…another “go figure” moment. Because of the jump in price, I couldn’t get as many gallons as I could have otherwise. But I felt as though I had no choice because I really, really, really did not want to run out of gas on this bridge and since I had put off the dreaded purchase prior to getting to this point on the highway (because I am a stupid procrastinator), there was nowhere else to go.

Then this happened. And all was right with the world again.



8 thoughts on “Happiness is Fuel for Life

  1. Fun with numbers! What did we ever do before cellphones allowed us to record such notable moments for posterity? Were things like this “the ones that got away”?

    Save your rubles if you’re going to visit CA – our price finally dropped after the Labor Day bump and I was able to buy the cheap stuff, cash, at the off-brand station, for $3.07/gallon. Go to one of the big chains and pay with a credit card and it’s more like $3.27. (Good thing we’re all gazillionaires out here!)

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