15 thoughts on “You Say Tomato, I Say Duh…

  1. The assumption I see is that you can magically slice a tomato, put it in the dirt, and soon (maybe even tomorrow morning if you wish really hard and have a great aura!) there will be fully grown tomato plants there, fully laden with fresh, ripe, luscious tomatoes!

    Funny, no mention of those huge, gross worms that I always found eating mine. When I remembered to water them. For months and months.

    Ooh, look, fifty-nine cents a pound at Krogers! Available instantly! (Worms not included, sold separately)

    • I know — I’m not at all sure about growing a plant from the slices. But the article swore it was possible. Why didn’t you spray your tomato plants to keep the bugs away? Goofball. But of course, water helps too, so there’s always that. I’ve never grown any myself, so I can’t really talk. I just steal the fruit of my mother’s labor (ha! see what I did there??).

      • I was seven, there was a shortage of Agent Orange & DDT in the hardware stores because the military was using it all!

        Actually, watermelons were my forte, they grow like weeds! Took over about half the back yard before my dad took it all back with the lawn mower. Never did figure out why he hated watermelons.

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