My Introvert Life – Log Entry 52745

Stardate 20170410 – Time: When Everyone Else Seems To Be Doing Stuff Too

Despite my better judgement, but driven by hunger and lack of rations, I ventured out into the world today.

Triple-checked and, yup, had everything I needed to buy for the week in my shopping cart. All ready to check out. Approaching the cashier, I saw someone I know in line. Someone who talks a lot and seems to know everything. Every. Thing.


…oh right, almost forgot, there were a few more items I needed to get for that thing I was going to make one day.

Pulled a U-turn and disappeared down an aisle.

Another crisis averted.



7 thoughts on “My Introvert Life – Log Entry 52745

  1. “Solo Sulu, prepare to fire chocolate-covered Twinkie torpedoes! Spork, set in-store Muzak level to stun! Cherkoff, evasive maneuvers, Warp Factor 6!!”

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