Lest Thee Sit in Judgement

Okay, so I may be high maintenance and somewhat of an asshole at times, but at least I put my grocery cart in the return corral when I’m done. You’ll never see me abandoning my cart somewhere in the parking lot all willy nilly. Just saying.



13 thoughts on “Lest Thee Sit in Judgement

  1. I see people wrangling up shopping carts all over a Walmart or a grocery store all the time and they look like they are having it tough especially in really hot weather.

    • At our store, it’s a much older gentleman who does it most of the time and I feel for him. It doesn’t matter though, whether a young or old employee, they shouldn’t have to meander through the parking lot rounding up stray carts. That’s what the cart corral is for if people would just be considerate enough to use them. It’s a definite pet peeve of mine.

  2. “…I may be high maintenance and somewhat of an asshole at times…” Flabbergasted, I tell you! Gobsmacked! Thunderstruck! Astonished!

    Sweet lil’ ol’ you??!!

  3. I’m a little OCD on this cart issue. I actually take some time to make sure the carts are pushed in evenly and round up nearby stray carts. Sometimes I have to tell myself it’s OK not to do this or remind myself O have frozen goods — I live somewhere where it’s hot most of the time.

    My store OCDism can get quite bad sometimes as I put things back in order on the shelves. I think I’ve finally stopped this one … But the shopping cart one is still around. I won’t do it on front of my husband or friends — don’t want them to think I’m weird. Whenever my husband and I go shopping I always volunteer to put the cart away no matter how far. Some people are just sooooooo lazy!

  4. …nor do you litter, or spit on the sidewalk, or run red lights when driving—alongside texting and speeding, or hog public/commercial space, or stand or walk slowly in the middle of doorways or the sidewalk or the aisles of restaurants/stores.
    Amazingly enough, ONE disparaging word to the wrong person and you can still be labeled a “scumbag” or a “public nuisance”—or even a “potential menace to community safety”.
    Such is the eternal hypocrisy of any structured society.

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