Saturday Reveries

Pay no attention to the woman lounging on the couch in her pajamas browsing through the “new releases” on On-Demand, counting down the hours until the new Thor and Justice League show times roll around while daydreaming about those tickets, lovingly ensconced in a bureau drawer, to the ‘Chocolate Binge Festival’ about to hit town in another two weeks. You see, there ARE a few things that are worth dragging my lazy relaxing weekend butt out of the house.

Isn’t that usually the way? I mean, it IS awfully people-y out there.


11 thoughts on “Saturday Reveries

  1. A chocolate barge festival? Listen, I don’t want to me Little Miss Buzzkill here, but a chocolate barge will never float, at least not for long. Chocolate’s water soluble, and in saltwater it’s worse. Granted, in the latter case there’s that whole “saltwater taffy-ish sorta like” thing going on, but you’re still going down to meet with Davy Jones! I guess that they could coat it with something like a plastic resin or something, but then how do you eat the chocolate? In turn, if you don’t eat the chocolate, why are you even bothering to be there in the first place? I don’t think that the organizers of the “chocolate barge festival” have really thought this whole thing all the way…

    Wait, what?

  2. It’s not too people-y out here in the woods. Changes on Wednesday. It should remain not too people-y until 12-2-17.

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