Bracing for Impact

Sunday, Funday. Blech. That’s a lie if I ever heard one. It doesn’t seem to matter how many days there are in a weekend — even a 4-day weekend like we just had — every Sunday there is still this mad dash to get my shit life together in like 12 hours. I blame Monday.


15 thoughts on “Bracing for Impact

  1. Agreed! This “adulting” gig, while it has a couple of notable advantages, also has a number of aspects that completely suck! Monday morning (or it’s equivalents) being VERY high on the list.

      • For instance, we wanted the “freedom” to “drive anywhere we wanted to go.’ No doubt “whenever we want!” Only to find that it means getting up way too damn early every freakin’ day to go sit in traffic on the freeway going to work to have our souls sucked out through our eyeballs.

        Or something like that.

        • Worst “chauffeur” gig ever – N’Sync at the Rose Bowl with 100,000+ in attendance. Aside from the hearing loss from 99,990+ tweens hitting high C continuously for several hours, getting out of there at 23:00 was a nightmare. The Rose Bowl parks people on the golf courses that surround the site, with only three or four exits/entrances onto the streets, which are all two-lane residential streets… My two daughters and four friends, with the parents of the four friends calling their cell phones over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over, wondering why we weren’t home yet at 02:00 when we hadn’t even gotten off the grass yet!

          But I got to hear Pink as the opening act – she was awesome!

  2. Monday’s never bothered me – except when I hated my job and life felt a bit stressy because of it. Any day can be a “ugg” day if there is an underlying issue. Emotional resilience means that even the crappiest day is not such a bad day.

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