Grammar Police…On Patrol

I’m thinking my special place in Hell might not be so readily available… or special… after all. Instead, I just may find myself dumped in some remote dungeon in a far off corner of that swinging hotbed of afterlife whimsy. I mean, I bet even Satan doesn’t want Grammar Nazis cluttering up the place, even — or perhaps, especially — if they are of the “sarcastic asshole” variety. Can you imagine being annoying enough to piss off the Devil and have him just wash his hands of you? My mother claims that if anyone has that innate ability, it would indeed be me.

18 thoughts on “Grammar Police…On Patrol

  1. My favorite, when someone need a to sign something, or as they put it, “To sign my John Henry”…

    …I gave them a hammer instead of a pen.

    I, of course, was the only one laughing. Until they hit me with the hammer.

  2. Their was something wrong with the grammar in that pic?! Your being very picky aren’t you? I bet you to make grammer mistakes … And do you really think you’d be able to overpower Satin with you’re sarcasm and wit? You better be careful about the words you just choose. I bet you think your always write or at least alot of the time! Get on your high horse and get some humility. Don’t be surprised if you’re words fall on death ears and they don’t have there desired affects! I could care less about if people can right good or not!!!! Get on you’re high throne and stop calling the kettle a pot! From now on, I’m watching everything you write with a fine-tuned comb!

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