Holiday Cookie Exchange…Sort Of

So, I was invited to join a “virtual cookie swap” group today by no less than three friends. I don’t know if you’ve heard of this oddity, but apparently it’s a so-called club where people share photos of cookies with each other — the kinds of confections they would LIKE to bake for the holidays (but won’t), instead of real cookies. I’m confused. It’s as if these people don’t know me at all.

10 thoughts on “Holiday Cookie Exchange…Sort Of

  1. BASTARDS! What sort of sick, twisted, evil creature would do this? You want to invite someone to a “cookie swap” group? Stick a dozen actual, honest-to-Ghu, sugar-rich, fattening, diabetes-inducing cookies in a tin and deliver it to someone’s door with an invitation to pass the concept on to the next person lucky enough to be a recipient. How freakin’ hard is this to figure out?

    The next thing you know, instead of actually going out and having personal relationships and celebrating the holidays and letting that “Christmas magic” lead you to your true soulmate and a kiss under the mistletoe leading to eternal, ultimate bills, we’ll all just watch Hallmark Christmas movies 24/7… Wait, what?

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