A Little Help Here…

I think someone is ready for their walk.  The ne’er-do-well is nothing if not impatient.

where is the girl human?? where. is. the. girl. human!?  send her to me, I tell you!


you just can’t get good servants these days

12 thoughts on “A Little Help Here…

  1. This was so nice of you to stop by and catch up! I truly am sorry how busy and crazy my life has been. . . My brother had brain surgery on Thanksgiving, so I spent some of my best blogging times (usually weekends) driving back and forth to Cleveland! He is doing better, slowly but surely. . .
    Hope you have had a wonderful holiday season and wishing you a fresh, happy and healthy New Year! 🎆 🎉 ✨

    • I am so sorry to hear about your brother but I’m awfully glad he is doing better. I hope his recovery continues to go well.

      I try to keep up on my blog reading but usually end up just doing it in one fell swoop. I need to manage my time better, I guess. When and if I can ever find any spare time that is. LOL

      Thank you for the holiday wishes! I hope your 2018 is truly blessed.

      • This was such a warm hug of a comment. Thanks so much! 💗
        As you notice I play “catch up” also.
        You know what? Just means we have busy lives.
        Thank you for hoping my 2018 is truly blessed. I would like to return these caring words and say, May your new year be truly blessed. 🕊

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