Good Advice

After a discussion with a dear friend this evening, I realized that my time is not being spent nearly as productively as it could be…at least not on the things that bring about inner happiness and peace — or just plain fun. I think I know what my New Year’s resolution will be.  Let the frolicking commence!


10 thoughts on “Good Advice

  1. Enjoy more Frolicking! And fun.

    Too many people feel that “seeking knowledge” will make them happy. Knowing more is a good thing but not enough.
    Because too often the light lacks warmth. We are wiser, but not happier. Why not? Because knowledge isn’t any guarantee of pleasure.

  2. I went to my First New Year’s Eve party in almost ten years! I had fun with the games and eating delicious foods. I sure love bacon wrapped water chestnuts! Oh, dipping chips into different dips on my plate (not double dipping in bowls. . .) 😉 I will have fun this year and try hard not to have an accident while frolicking! xo 💖

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