Can I Have This Dance?

You know, growing up I just always thought that slow dances would somehow play more of an active role in my adult life. In fact, if you ever watch Hallmark Channel movies, they too feed into the whole slow dance myth…in virtually every movie, couples end up slow dancing at some point in time. The realities of adulthood are so disappointing. Or maybe I’m just hanging out with the wrong people.


9 thoughts on “Can I Have This Dance?

  1. “B” – ergo, 2018 will be the year you will hang out with dancing people!! Make it so!! (Although I gotta say, most of the slow dancing in the most recent Hallmark movies have been waltzes since the heartthrob de jour is secretly the crown prince of Fartenstein with an engagement to Princess Bananarama of Upyoursenstein even though he doesn’t love her or even much like her but he’s being forced to take the crown and the alliance by his mother who once was young and spontaneous and in love but now has an icy ball where her heart once was… Ah one, and a two, and a three!)

  2. I totally agree. I thought when I get into a proper relationship and we are at a house party or we are at home after a nice meal etc. we will have lots of these lovely romantic slow dance moments. Nope! Actually I can remember two totally spontaneous times, in the kitchen of all random places, which were lovely but that’s over eight years!

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