Monday Blues…on a Sunday

You know what tomorrow is. That’s right, Monday. I hate Mondays, I won’t lie. But at least I have science to back me up on this. And while, as the article states, an argument can be made that all work days are awful in and of themselves, what virtually everyone remembers as being particularly horrible is…all together now…Monday. I think we should just do away with Mondays — as a work day — altogether. Let the work week start at Wednesday — still end on Friday, mind you. I think that could work. Yeah, let’s do that.

5 thoughts on “Monday Blues…on a Sunday

  1. “They” say that if you have a job you love you’ll never have to “work” a day in your life. (I’m not buying it, but I have to set up the straw man before I knock him down.) Do “they” hate Mondays as much as the rest of us do? Is the evil power of Mondays enough to overcome even the sickeningly disgusting optimism of a Mr. Rogers or Tony Robbins? My money’s on Mondays.

  2. Hi there! Working at a warehouse after teaching school for years was an eye-opener. I thought only temporary, but here it is ten years! Yikes! 🤔😐
    Mondays tick me off!!

  3. Wednesday would then become the new Monday and the actually day isn’t the same for everyone. For me, Monday is actually my Friday. I
    can confirm that it is actually true when you are doing what you love and get paid for it, work isn’t a four letter word.
    I adore my job working with computers and history. For me the only thing better would be playing video games all day. Although I am sure that too would become boring.

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