Inside is the New Outside

The Queen ne’er-do-well scans her realm for interlopers and contemplates the vast kingdom that is hers. From inside. Where it’s warm. Because it’s cold as hell Alaska out there. Or maybe even Antarctica. And who wants that?

boy, those squirrels look cold. stupid squirrels.


where’s my snack, servant?

9 thoughts on “Inside is the New Outside

    • Well, I wouldn’t tell HER that. Or her human (my daughter). Absolutely NO derogatory remarks can be made against this cat. Lucky for me, the cat can’t read, and Sarah spends her internet time elsewhere (doing much more intellectually inclined activities, I’m sure).

    • Aotearoa New Zealand is also having a record summer, although the heat you folk are experiencing is beyond my imagination. Where I live, we typically see temperatures in the low to mid 20s (Centigrade) at this time of the year, but we’ve had more days in the 30s than in the 20s over the last month. Over that last week temperatures have hovered around 33. Thankfully, today there’s been a significant change and it’s a comfortable 22.

    • Oh no! I’m not sure which is worse really, severe heat or severe cold. Neither are easy to deal with, but for very different reasons. My cats aren’t actually allowed outside, so they spend their time surveying their kingdom from various points within the house.

    • I looked up the heat in Australia and a news source I found said some areas are 116F and above. Good grief! I wouldn’t want to go outside either! Your dog is one smart cookie. And I feel for you…I hate summer to begin with, so I can only imagine dealing with such god-awful hot weather.

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