Patience of a Saint

This tickled me probably more than it should have done. Every time I look at it, in fact, it makes me chuckle. Maybe because it hits so close home. When I first came across it, still giggling, I sent it to my mother who replied, in a tired voice — a voice no doubt burdened with the weight of dealing with her daughter’s… umm… hilarity (cause let’s face it, I am hilarious), “Yeah, of course you would find that funny.” You know, sometimes, my heart just goes out to that woman.

4 thoughts on “Patience of a Saint

  1. WHY do we assume that saints were patient? Aren’t there some of our beatified buddies who were healing the sick, taking care of the poor, being persecuted and beheaded while still being on a short fuse?

    “C’mon!! Let’s get this show moving!! I can’t stand here tied to this stake all day, I’ve got things to do if you’re not going to get your fat asses in gear!! Either light this puppy or find someone else to fricassee! MOVE IT!!!”

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