Plot Twist

So. Maybe I’ve been looking at Mondays all wrong. Maybe, just maybe, instead of a harbinger of gloom, I should look at it as a fresh start to a new week where anything is possible. Yeah, right. I mean, Yes! Right! Let’s give this positive thinking a whirl. Wish me luck.

8 thoughts on “Plot Twist

  1. hehe. Nice “poster/sign” ya got there. I am reminded of a saying: “The Road to Success is ALWAYS under construction!”. In other words, it’s never too late. So…..go for it!

    That said, I still believe the entire “motivational speaker/quotes” things is disgustingly overdone. “Being positive” would be a good thing–as long as–it doesn’t become “hyper-positive-fluff-that-ignores-reality”. If “thinking really made it so”, then most single guys would be driving a Lexus, have a 3-car garage in a two-story house and have 2 cheerleader-hot-babe-girlfriends. But they dont, so it probably doesn’t work that way.

    And I think that’s different from what you are doing, above.
    Nothing wrong with feeling enthusiastic and going after what energizes you. So again, GO for it! I dont think you’re being “hyper-positive”. Rather, I think you are “going after it” and “seizing the day”, or week. Much better.

    BUT–I believe I can get thru the day just fine without going to a Tony Robbins seminar, or an Amway convention,
    or reading Napolean Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”,
    or chanting “Affirmations” that I’ve taped to the kitchen fridge,
    or the using the “Law of Attraction”, etc., etc…..Ughhh! The fact that people even feel they need that stuff in the first place I feel is an indication of how deep they’ve sunken already. I hope I’ve clarified the difference….now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go park my Yacht. (wink. we Owls are a playful bunch).

  2. I took your advice!! I put on my sassy pants!!

    About 2:00 someone pointed out that wearing them inside out and backwards took away something from their sassy superpowers.

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