In route between my little town and the next biggest town – keeping in mind, over here, these size estimations are all relative – is a billboard advertising a casino located one state over. The message on this billboard changes monthly and often depends on who the headlining entertainer is or what the latest “jackpot” includes, such as $3 million and an SUV, or some such thing.  Anyway, this month’s message is “My casino is my family…” and it had a woman surrounded by happy, smiling, hugging people – presumably casino employees.

On our first drive by this new sign, without missing a beat, my daughter, ever the smart-ass intelligent woman stated “If your casino is your family, then you have a problem. Cause that sounds like an addiction. That’s not a billboard for a casino, that’s a cry for help right there.” Then, having voiced this sage observation, she went back to looking at her phone without another word.

Although her perfect, deadpan delivery doesn’t translate well to the written word, I’m telling you, this girl has a serious shot at a successful stand-up career.

While we wait for my daughter’s future to manifest, I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom from the queen of deadpan herself, Margaret Smith.


11 thoughts on “Signs

  1. Yes, brilliant! (Margaret Smith’s pretty good too.) Now me, I’m betting on a cynical point of view (ooh, look my surprised face!) and wondering if due to truth in advertising laws they just have a picture of a woman and her family, with NONE of them actually having anything to do with the casino…

  2. Well, I had never heard of this Margaret Smith, and I found her to be absolutely hilarious!
    I was laughing so hard Pretty heard me and came to watch with me…we loved it!!
    As for the sign comment, bravo to your daughter.

  3. Margaret Smith was new to me too… but she cracked me up… I hope I didn’t wake the neighbours (way past midnight here), I burst out laughing so loud when she did the one with the tattoos… and it was difficult to stifle the giggles on the rest of the sketch… awesome, absolutely awesome 👏

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