12 thoughts on “Circle of Life

  1. The recent movie wasn’t so good, but the original show was so excellent, that my daughter and I watched it together throughout her high school years.
    Patsy really is sort of the ultimate woman, ultimate based on what, I have no idea.
    Patsy is just an extremely funny woman, but of course that would be because of Joanna Lumley, the actress who played her, who is not the least bit afraid of making fun of herself, and all of us.
    Just really brilliant female comedy

    • I loved, loved, loved this series! And of course, Patsy/Joanna Lumley was the best. Always had me in stitches. It was created and written by Jennifer Saunders (aka Edina Monsoon) – she is an impressive artist in so many ways. Like you, I didn’t care of the movie, but the series was great.

  2. You mean you’re not all like, “T.G.I.M.!” (thank gawd it’s Monday)?????!? Next thing you’ll be bitchin’ it’s Tuesday … Wait that post is coming! (I read your blog backwards — especially when you’re on a writing spree!)

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