Here Comes Peter Cottontail

So, to all of my friends — and those of you just here for the sarcastic quips — Happy Easter and Happy Passover! I’m going to leave you with an entry I did last year, which in turn, calls on the entry I did in 2016. I hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane, it’s all I could manage this evening, my apologies.

As for me, this will be the first year, ever, that my family has not descended upon my mother for Easter Sunday. Lucky her, truth be told. She gets a day of peace and quiet for once. And this year, she and my dad could both use it. But still. It’ll be weird not hunting for eggs, not to mention missing out on my mother’s home-cooking. And yeah, it’ll be strange not seeing everyone for Easter, like something is missing or “wrong,” even though we already see each other often. Life is weird, isn’t it? Families are weirder. Especially mine. But I love them anyway, and I suppose they love me. Which, when you think about it, that’s what holidays are about…family togetherness and love. Goodness knows, we have that in spades. Doesn’t mean I won’t be craving my mother’s macaroni salad all day tomorrow. Damn. Now I really wish I had some. Ugh.

Musings from a Tangled Mind

I have to visit my parents tomorrow for Easter. Well, I don’t “have to” per se, I just am. I wouldn’t turn down my mother’s cooking for anything. So. You know what that means. Well, maybe you don’t. In which case, you haven’t been paying attention. Hey, that’s okay! You’re not alone. I tend to zone out when I ramble on too.

What it means is, I have to clean out my car before my father sees it. Now, this is a true “have to” situation. So, knowing the mood I’ll be in when it’s all said and done, I thought I would take the lazyeasy smart way out for blogging today and repost my Easter entry from last year. In all honesty though, it’s as true today as it was then.

So now I’m off to do the dirty deed. And not in a fun way…

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8 thoughts on “Here Comes Peter Cottontail

  1. The problem with “mom’s macaroni salad” is that it’s never the same when you make it yourself, even after you go to all the effort of waterboarding her to get the recipe.

    I’m glad she’s getting some quiet and rest – hope you can get the same!

  2. clean your car anyway. yayayayayayayayaya I realize you have a hunderty billionty empty
    Starbucks coffee cups back there.

    • That’s probably an understatement! AND, I didn’t clean it this weekend, so it just means I’ll have to do the deed later in the week. I clean it out about three times a year and it’s way past due. LOL Hope you had a GREAT weekend!

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