All’s Fair in Love and … Publicity

I think if you’re going to argue with someone on the phone really, really loudly in public while using all types of … um … colorful metaphors and whatnot, you should be required to have it on speakerphone. If the rest of us are going to be subjected to the drama, we at least deserve to hear both sides.



15 thoughts on “All’s Fair in Love and … Publicity

  1. Have never gotten past annoyance at the rude behavior, but your suggestion does have merit. If I have to be subjected to the harangue I might enjoy hearing the haranguer become the haraguee

  2. I recall an incident many years ago when mobile phones were less common. We were in a shopping mall, and guy a few years short of middled aged was apparently haranguing someone on his mobile phone. I don’t recall the subject of the “conversation”, but he was very loud and “colourful”. And then his phone rang…

    Now I’m not the best at recognising non-verbal cues, but the grins, smirks and suppressed chuckles from everyone within about 20 metres of that very embarrassed looking guy was palpable.

    • What was the purpose of that whole exercise? Was he just trying to appear like a “big shot” by pretending to yell at someone? Or was he just showing off his cell phone in a time when they were few and far between? Either way, he deserved to be embarrassed.

      • I guess the former. Whatever he was doing, he was definitely massaging his ego. That is until the phone rang and EVERYONE knew it was just for show. I must admit I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone looking so ridiculously stupid.

  3. If a couple of you are forced to listen to just the one side of the conversation, think of it as an opportunity to practice your improv skills! If some boor is going to be lobbing softballs up there for you so you can mock him, mock away!

    Boor: “You stupid *&$%@**#($, why did you go and do something that *#(@!*#ing moronic?”
    Improv: “But dear, I only did it so that you could spend money to overcompensate for your tiny little…”

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