Moving On Up …

I apologize for being off the radar for so long. I’ll let you in on a not-so-secret secret. Moving sucks. Especially when you’re doing it on your own.  In the words of the immortal Roger Murtaugh: “I’m too old for this shit.”

We’re getting back to our regularly scheduled programming this week. I swear.


9 thoughts on “Moving On Up …

  1. I feel your pain, perhaps more literally than I would ever have liked. Moving sucks! Glad to hear that the ordeal is almost past, hoping that you have some relaxing and kicking back in your immediate future!

  2. Moving sucks always, even when it is for great reasons and to much improved circumstances. Breaking one habit is hard. Breaking literally hundreds of thousands (where to go for a glass in the kitchen, a fresh towel, cat food) is HELL.

  3. Having moved 7 times by my late teens, and a further 8 times since being married 46 years ago, I know what you’re going through.

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