Languishing in Denial

Time flies when … well, you know. It’s bad enough the weekend is over, but there’s Monday, lingering on the horizon, waiting to rub it in, adding insult to injury.

Oh well. Enjoy your week, folks! Keep the need for bail money to a minimum, please.

9 thoughts on “Languishing in Denial

  1. I’m just adult and self-aware enough while wallowing in the The Sunday Night Blues to realize that I’m like the crying baby who doesn’t know what he/she wants. I’m pretty sure that even if I didn’t *HAVE* to get up tomorrow morning and go to work I wouldn’t automatically be happy with the alternative either. It’s almost an experiment I’m willing to volunteer for, but as with most tales of deals with the devil or Poe’s “The Monkey Paw,” one needs to be very careful about making wishes.

    This has not stopped me from wishing.

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