Love Connection

Awwww, boo, I love you too!Ā  My little chippie whippie … my little tater gator … my little sweet potato crispy wispy …

Okay, so yeah, that’s weird … even for me.

But still… just look at this lovely little heart-shaped chip! Isn’t it adorable? Is it an omen? Whatever it is, it’s gone. Like a thief in the night, my dog snuck up on my table and ate it … so much for a starchy harbinger of love …

10 thoughts on “Love Connection

  1. All I see is that nice tablecloth underneath and a vision of the little pup leaping up to swipe the chip, hitting the table just under Mach 1, the chip/pup/tablecloth combination sliding like it was Teflon (R) on ice, a crash and a vaguely pup-shaped indentation in the opposite wall, all bringing you wide awake in the middle of the night…

    You should have eaten it yourself just to ward off that scenario!

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