7 thoughts on “Sunday Night Musings

  1. I haven’t checked – I’m going to stay ignorant a while longer. It’s that whole “bliss” thing, might be the only thing that gets me through Monday morning.

  2. Suppose you did win.

    How much would anyone need to win to have Peace? i
    If you divide your winnings equally with three other family members or relatives (would you?), then how much would you have left?

    Wouldn’t most of us want enough to:
    1. Buy a house and have it all paid off—-and
    2. Buy a better/NEW car and have it all paid for.
    Those two. Aren’t they “the bare minimum”? Get those two outta the way and *then* relax and have fun?f

    Suppose you won and kept 80% of the money for yourself. How would you handle family and relatives? Hmmmm. Worth thinking about.

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