Green Means Go

I could be wrong (I have been before and will be again) but I honestly believe that 99% of the congested traffic I encounter on my way to work or home from work is due to that one asshole up front who is on his (or her) phone or otherwise generally not paying attention to the world around him. The other 1% is thanks to the people who have simply never heard of merging and therefore have no idea what to do when faced with such a novelty.

2 thoughts on “Green Means Go

  1. that one asshole up front in the left lane keep[ing pace with the car next to them while BOTH are on the cell phones. the Government should allow retired GIs to arm their vehicles with Sidewinder missiles to be launched just as a method of waking them up and getting out of everyone’s way.

  2. Cars are getting smarter, people are getting stupider.

    Every car should have a button on it that fires a laser to “tag” a vehicle being driven by an idiot. Every car should be equipped so that once it gets hit by a certain number of “tags” it simply pulls itself over to the shoulder and parks so the idiot driver can have a little time out.

    Or equipped with an ejection seat to punt the turd out into traffic. I’m good either way.

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