Late Night Thrills

Be decadent for once, they said. Take your shower at 11:30 at night they said. It’ll be relaxing they said. Yeah, well, I wasn’t expecting an eight-legged shower mate who just so happened to lose his footing (I mean, really??) in the sudden onslaught of water or thought to himself, “Hey, you know what would be really funny!? If I jump on this naked human’s shoulder and freak her the hell out.”

Who’s relaxed now!? Not me. And I’m pretty sure not the spider.

Just for clarification … I did not, in fact, wash the spider down the drain. He remains in my bathroom, somewhere, probably muttering to himself and anyone who will listen about “that crazy woman” he just encountered and warning others of my existence.

11 thoughts on “Late Night Thrills

  1. I released two of them into the garden the other day. I’m sure your friend is still terrified. LOL Were you screaming or was it the spider? Seriously, that’s a creepy thing, when you’re in the shower and an uninvited guest shows up.

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