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Well, it’s official, ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to be working on the new me starting immediately.  Or at least, as soon as I get home from the liquor store. There is finally a diet out there that I can definitely get behind!

According to studies conducted by Harvard Medical School and Washington State University — for those too lazy to read the article, “They found that drinking two glasses of wine a day can help lower your risk for obesity by about 70 percent.

In fact, red wine is apparently great for fighting obesity itself. “The Washington State University study showed that wine had properties which turned “white fat” into “beige fat,” which can be burnt off easily.” Now, I don’t know anything about color-coding my fat, but I do know that any diet based around alcohol will be a diet I won’t cheat on.

Here’s to healthy living!

10 thoughts on “Healthy Living

  1. Along with that, its often cited that the French, who drink more Wine, are healthier.BUT—

    THEIR Red Wine is different from our USA store-bought red wine. Sigh…..

    Think I”ll have a glass anyway. What the Hell?…..😈

  2. Maybe it’s me. It could, like, TOTALLY be just me. I’m saying. But…

    Being turned into beige fat doesn’t sound like the kind of quality life goal I was hoping for as a kid.

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