Blowing Hot Air

Just in case you live under a rock and missed The Weather Channel’s overly dramatic hurricane Florence coverage, here it is.   The hurricane had devastating effects in some areas; by no means am I belittling that or trying to play that down. However, this meteorologist’s sad performance devalues those who have taken some real falls, on live TV, for the sake of the story, like this weatherman getting swept away by hurricane Sandy, this reporter hit by a donkey, or this oldie but goodie, the news reporter being hit with a skateboard.

To be fair, weather forecasters have been doing this for decades.  Expecting a dusting of snow?  Amp it up, turn it into all-day coverage, and stick your ruler into snow drifts… even if your crew has to shovel an ever-growing perimeter for hours to create a mountain mole-hill of snow for your epic broadcast.

After all, it’s well known that the weathermen (and presumably weatherwomen) are notorious stock holders in bread and toilet paper companies; when they are feeling a little light in the wallets, they pour it on for their viewers prompting the Grocery Snow Dash.  Never mind the obvious; if people weren’t eating all that bread, they wouldn’t need all the toilet paper. Hey, I’m just saying.

2 thoughts on “Blowing Hot Air

  1. I get why the toilet paper disappears from the stores when the hurricane’s on its way. But the milk and bread? Screw that! Load up on chocolate, alcohol, and cookies! What’s the worst case scenario? The electricity goes out, the ice melts, and you have to have your margaritas warm instead of blended? Oh, the humanity! Have another bag of Oreos!

  2. well you never know. you may feel this sudden urge to TP someone’s house with all that extra TP.

    just don’t get caught!

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