Sweater Weather, Again

Well, it’s that time of year again. Ever the fashion-forward critters, Tweedledum and Tweedledee traded in their raggedy sweaters of yesteryear for new, holiday-inspired, cold weather gear. They will be rocking the dog park this winter!

out with the old … sweaters that is

and in with the new … holiday style

pretty in red

8 thoughts on “Sweater Weather, Again

    • Petra can already do that … well, the undressed part anyway. She shimmies out of her sweater somehow. It’s a hoot. I never see her actually do it. But she’ll come prancing in without it on, wagging her tail and tilting her head, so proud of herself. And then, she freezes … so it’s sort of counterproductive.

  1. No little doggie sweaters here despite exceptionally early sub freezing cold. Big dog won’t tolerate one, but does enjoy cuddling with “her” cat under warm work light at night. Won’t stay still for pictures so far though.

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