When Compassion Reigns

I saw you today. You there in the white pick-up truck. During that fleeting moment we shared on a quiet back road, I could only see that you were likely middle-aged, and had a beard. To all appearances just an ordinary person going about their ordinary day.

But I saw you as you slowed down and purposely moved over to the side of the road so as to avoid the indecisive squirrel on the middle line, allowing him the opportunity to find his way to the tree-filled lot on the other side … still breathing, still intact, unharmed. Hidden away from the masses — only through fate and good timing was I even in a position to bear witness — you chose to do the right thing. I thank you for it. I know the squirrel thanks you for it. His life has meaning, just as ours does, and you saw that, appreciated that, and acted accordingly.

When compassion reigns, we are all the better for it. So, thank you. With your conscious – or unconscious – empathy, my hope in humanity was restored.  At least for today.

2 thoughts on “When Compassion Reigns

  1. It’s the little things that tip the scales between being a saint or a monster – lots of grey areas out there. I’m glad the squirrel lives to terrorize and confuse another driver another day!

  2. How brilliant!

    One of the things I hate the most is being in a vehicle and seeing an animal hurt. Insurance says if it’s under knee high you’re to hit it. I can think of a few things not quite knee high that I’m sure no one wants me to hit so I don’t care what it is, I’m either going to stop (and it’s your fault not mine if you fail to see me stopping and plow into my rear!) Or I am going to slow down and not hit the poor thing.

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